Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Year New You!

With a new year everyone is so focused on how to become the "New Me." Whether they are joining a new gym, working on a new project, losing 10 pounds, or just cutting out something, the new year always seems to bring on the resolution for something better.

I'm no exception. My Resolution is to spend more time for "me" and not say yes to just everything so that I don't feel guilty. Because let me tell you, my weakness is that I have a tough time saying no. I say yes to a fault and even so much that I rarely have time for the stuff I would rather be doing. So this year, my goal is to say "yes to me." Keep me accountable, okay?

Saying Yes to me Means I will also be working on my health, mentally and physically. And not just now but for life. I want to be the best Mom I can be. Whether I choose to park a bit farther to walk rather than taking the first parking spot, pass on that extra breadstick or just drink more water and juice rather than coffee, and get some more sleep, it's all baby steps.

Right now this is the juice that we are going back for, it's keeping me from my third cup of coffee for the day so it's a good one in my book! With the extra vitamins and the fact that there isn't any added preservatives or things I can't pronounce I know I'm working on getting the best in me. Even the kids love it and ask for more. Miss Priss even chose her resolution to be "drink no soda" this year so Yay for setting good examples and goals!

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. BzzAgent provided me the free bottle of Tropicana Vitamin C plus Zinc to try for my honest opinion.  #GotItFree