Friday, July 10, 2009

The Little Lasso

I am so excited!!! My (well the kids) Little Lasso came in the mail, along with a note from Angie...could it be any more personable! Makynzi is in the process of testing it out for her bubba and doesn't like it at all! Which is a good thing because the reason she doesn't like it is because it stays attached to her drink and won't allow her to just toss it away! I La-Huv it! What busy mama wouldn't love something like this! It just makes life easier! One less thing to pick up off of the floor!

It comes in so many different colors and patterns! My favorite since it will be for Jaxon is this one:

but my almost 3 year old's favorite is this one:

so as you can see there is something for every kid and Mama's taste!

Not to mention it's super easy to use!

Step 1: Attach the link-a-doo to the carseat, stroller, diaper bag, purse...or anything else you can think of to attach it too

Step 2: Slip a cup, blanket, lovey, baby doll, snack bowl...or anything else you don't want your lil one tossing on the floor into the lasso

Step 3: Tug on the part of the lasso attached to the link-a-doo to tighten the lasso

Wa-La! it's hooked and not going anywhere you don't want it to go!

Can you get any simplier?

*Pictures borrowed from The Little Lasso *

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