Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3: Create a Family Mission Statement

For help on creating your Family Mission Statement check out Mommysavers post here.

This was a hard one for me to do. So here is a rough draft. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

As a family we are at our best when we work together and concentrate on putting our family first.
We will try to prevent times when we try and please everyone else and spend too much time apart.
We will find more time with each other to spend time as a family playing in the back yard, go to the lake, be with our family and spend time with friends.
We will help each family member by doing things for each other and by thinking before we speak.
We will help others by volunteering and taking meals to our friends in need.
We will stop procrastinating and start working on: concentrating on ourselves and not worrying about everyone else. We need to spend more time with our family and quit having to have everyone around all the time.
We will be viewed as a family that being there for each other no matter what, honest, always helping those that need help and caring.
We will fill our home with happiness.
We will make choices and decisions based on: honesty, kindness, love, trust, giving to others, caring, strong, secure.

We will constantly renew ourselves by focusing on:

* Showing how much we care about each other with our words, hugs, and kisses.
* Strive to keep each other in check.
* Not only attending church but also volunteering our service as needed
* Living for God.
* Challenging and teaching each other through all we do.
* Having friends and family that know we are real.

We envision success for each family member Our 10 year goals are as follows:

* Monty: will be a wonderful father who is always there for his family. he will be admired and respected for the children he has raised and for being there for them. He will have provided and continue to provide financial security for his family and his children have always known how much they mean to him.
* Brandi: will be a class mom and on the PTA. She will have been a stay at home mom that proved to her family how much she cares for them, not through working, but through love. She will have graduated college and be working part time so she can continue to be there for her family.
* Makynzi: Will be a 13 year old princess and will be active and social. At home, she will be respected because of the respect she shows. she will be caring and loving. At school and in sports she will give it her all.
* Jaxon: Will be ten years old and all boy. He will be playing sports and excelling because he will practice and give it his all. He will be social and admired for the way he treats others at home and away.

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