Thursday, February 20, 2014

Target Breakfast Twist

I don't know about any one else's family but ours is always busy! We seriously go from one activity to the other. Miss Priss keeps us busy with Girl Scouts, Cheer, Swim team and school and the Lil Man keeps us going with soccer, tball, swim team and now we are adding in some reading classes and football to the rotation, along with school. Am I insane?!? Maybe! But keeping them busy and active keeps them healthy and out from in front of the tv all day.

But it does make meal time interesting. Lately we are getting back into a meal plan routine and trying to stick with it. But morning time still seems so rushed, luckily I found out that Target can help me with that! They have this new Target Busy Family section on their website full of some good, simply, healthy breakfast recipes. They even (along with Platefull Coop) sent me these goodies to use in our mad breakfast rush. 

1 pouch Nature Valley® Protein Granola
•1 box Nature Valley® Granola Bars
•1 box Honey Nut Cheerios® Medley Crunch™ cereal
•1 box Trix® cereal
•1 package Quaker® Oats
•1 jar Jif® peanut butter
•1 package Nutella® mini cups
•1 pouch Grandma Hoerner’s® Big Slice™ apples snack

They were a hit with the kids, me and even my husband. I love that they make it simple to toss a few things together and get out the door, and even toss some of it in the backpacks for snack time. 

A few of our favorites are below:
 Target Busy Family Banner

Also a big hit was some Wheat Thins to dip with the Nutella, Nutella or Peanut Butter on toast and Oatmeal with honey, apple slices and granola.

Check out the Target website for some more yummy ideas.

“Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.”