Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Christmas already?!?

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We have barely begun Fall and Christmas is already all over the place! We just got invited to a Christmas Play that some friends' kids are in. The kids have already created their Christmas lists, so therefore I have already begun shopping for it. And now look what I found! I love Snowmen, seriously I do! Maybe it's because we don't get snow here or maybe because they are just so cute and temporary. You know exactly what you are going to get with a snowman. Who knows my reason but it's my main decoration at Christmas time so I absolutely love this 
I can't decide if I want to just order it and get it here already or attempt to recreate it! But I can't sew more than something simple so I am sure I will order it! Who can pass at that price! 
Another favorite of mine for Christmas time is to watch the movie Elf. I just love that movie! It's funny, and sweet and my heart just goes out to Buddy. Not to mention it teaches you about Christmas in a non traditional way! So look what else I found!


Adorable right!

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