Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1: Create an Approved Spending List:

Here is more about our Challenge.

My list seems really long:

Necessary Groceries (and meat) we haven't been to the store except for perishables in since before Christmas. Budgeting $200 for the 3 weeks (we usually do 300)
Car Maintenance: oil change, inspection sticker, tune up, Gas
Puppy Food 35.00
Diapers 40.00
Taxes and Bills that are due (obviously)
School and books
A 2010 Planner ( I have been looking and looking and can't find the one I am wanting)
And any Medical/Copays we may have this month
Gift card purchases
$40.00 allowance/ week for Monty on the road. (that includes his Dip)
$40.00 allowance for me and the kids per week. But I will try not to use it all and put the rest down on the house note.

Spending today:
$7.00 Monty Dip

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