Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Brings a change

While this blog was supposed to be devoted to deals it's now that and a bit more. I am going to try and keep up with it more this year and to bring y'all the best deals I find as well as keep up with my 101 goals in 1001 days on here. I posted a bit about it before but I want to keep track of what I've done and remember it so y'all can do it with me!
Hope everyone's 2009 was blessed and here's to 2010 being God's gift to us!

My 101 Goals in 1 ,001
Started July 11, 2009 to be accomplished by Saturday, April 7, 2012

Black- not started
Red - Completed
Green - In process

1. Find a family Church - Completed 11-1-09
2. Research and Plant a spring/summer garden
3. Get a cart and organize scrapbook and craft stuff
4. Create our Wedding Scrapbook
5. Finish Mighty Mak’s 1st year scrapbook
6. Create Baby Jax’s Scrapbook
7. Christmas Scrapbook
8. Read 100 books (10/100)
9. Work out on the WII for 100 hours (4/100)
10. Order the kids birth certificates
11. Find/get kids Social Security Cards
12. Living room re-painted, crown molding up and painted. Completed Aug 2009
13. Fireplace mantel up and painted
14. Install Crown Molding and finish painting the kitchen
15. Light switch covers painted and up
16. Weigh 140
17. Weigh 135
18. Weigh 130
19. Weigh 125
20. Weigh 120
21. Get Monty a bigger truck
22. Send 10 cards just because (5/10)
23. Get Re-certified in CPR
24. Paint the master bath and re-caulk tub
25. Get new floors
26. Re-paint exterior of house
27. Fix Mail Box
28. Get a file cabinet and use it
29. Organize bills/paperwork
30. Organize pantry (8-01-09) Re organize and keep it organized!! (1-4-09)
31. Expand Master closet-or find a way to make it work
32. Build a shed in the backyard
33. Get a puppy (Oct 2009)
34. Get kids a swing set (Christmas 2009)
35. Get a degree!
36. Drink only healthy drinks for a month
37. Get a family portrait made
38. Read to the kids daily
39. Go camping
40. Back up all my files
41. Nurse Baby Jax for at least a year
42. Use the Crockpot regularly
43. Surprise Hubby by getting his watch fixed
44. Expand Laundry Room
45. Get Bapaw to go to the lake with us. He’ll love it!
46. Create a weekly menu for a month
47. Make home-made ice cream
48. Sell the Saturn. Completed Sept 2009
49. No fast food for a month
50. Have a spa day
51. Get a cleaning routine started
52. Go on a picnic
53. Get a cookbook holder for kitchen
54. Make a book w/ 100 recipes my family loves and make them regularly
55. Teach Mighty Mak to write her name
56. Teach Baby Jax to spell his name
57. Teach Baby Jax to write his name
58. Do a zip line or ropes course to overcome my fear of heights
59. Decorate kitchen
60. Decorate bedroom walls
61. Decorate living room walls. Completed Dec. 2009
62. Decorate Playroom
63. Organize kids closets
64. Organize master closet
65. Organize hall closet
66. Save with $500.00 on groceries
67. Convert home VHS to DVDs
68. Post MHR every Monday
69. Have a no spend month (Jan 2010)
70. Create a family mission statement
71. Picture for above dining room table
72. Christmas card scrapbook
73. Do 2 charity walks a year. Completed Nov 2009
74. Take a walk with the kids at least once a week for a year (weather permitting)
75. Get keys to the house! Completed 12-28-2009
76. Create a living will
77. Make a scrapbook all about me
78. Make a scrapbook about Me and Monty
79. Do a family scrapbook
80. Make homemade bread. Completed 12-27-09
81. Have a date night once a month for a year
82. Limit computer to 2 hrs a day and when the kids are sleeping
83. Take the kids to Sea World
84. Have dinner as a family nightly
85. Take a family vacation
86. Install Tip Out Trays under the sinks
87. Copy Gramma’s recipes
88. Get a manicure/pedicure at least twice a year
89. Go on a vacation with just my hubby
90. Complete the “Forgetting the Jones’ Challenge”
91. Complete the “Eat out of the Pantry Challenge”
92. Create a budget and stick to it
93. Volunteer more often
94. Get Makynzi ready for Kindergarten
95. Cut and high light my hair
96. Pay off 1/3 of our house note
97. Re Read Dave Ramsey’s book and use what we learn
98. Show my hubby how much I love him on a daily basis
99. Finish The Love Dare
100. Learn to sew
101. Start a new list

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