Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mabel's Labels Review

My kids lose their things, face it all kids do. And parents. But when the lost item is labeled we are more than likely to get it back. 

In the 5 years I have had kids in school we have used 4 different brands of labels, from expensive to as cheap as we can find. While Mabel's Labels fall in the middle of that spectrum, They work. And will be our go to label's from now on.
House Party and Chatterbox recently hosted a party for the Mabel's Labels Basic Kit. I was accepted and was able to go in and in under 10 minutes select the logo and customize my own set of labels for my son. He will be entering Kinder soon and needs new labels of course :)
The labels arrived about a week later and we got to using them. His favorite out of the kit is the bag tags and he helped me put one on his backpack and one on his sports bag. Then got to labeling the things that that the previous labels had fallen off of. 

We have been using the labels for about a month and through numerous washes in the dishwasher, washing machine and even just wear and tear they are still holding strong. 

The basic pack includes the following: 
The Basic Kit includes the following labels and is available in more than 40 multi-colored designs or 3 solid palettes: 24 dishwasher and microwave safe Skinny-Minis™, 42 washer and dryer safe Tag Mates™, 8 Shoe Labels and 2 Bag Tags – both waterproof and UV resistant.
Check them out here:

Disclosure: I was provided the kit free to give my honest opinion. My opinion may not be the same as yours. The pictures used are from the Mabel's Labels website.