Monday, June 16, 2014

First Aid Kit Necessities

Kids. Summer. Sports. Fun. First Aid
Those go together in your house too, right? I keep a First aid kit handy at all times. If we are at the house, I have a full bin that I pull out. Out of the house, I have a mini kit I take and one that stays in the car. It goes in the pool bag, the lake bag, my purse, sports bags and in anything I need to take.

It's filled with Neosporin #neoready
Benedryl and Afterbite
Bandaids of all different sizes
Tylenol for adults and kids
A mini panco
scissors, clippers, and safety pins
On any day you can see that at least one of the two kids has a bandaid courtesy of a fresh cut, scrape or bug bite. 

Dislcosure: I received the Neo To Go complimentary from @Influenster for testing purposes and am entering a brand challenge for a chance to win a prize.