Tuesday, June 17, 2014


So, 10 minutes ago I decided to order my first Canvas. 
 And I'm done. Already. It only took this long because I couldn't decide between two pictures. In the end I chose the one I did because I don't like how my arm looks in the other. Good reason right. Can you guess which one I chose?

So the first step is to select the picture.
Canvas HQ offers the option to upload a picture directly from your computer or from Facebook. I love that Facebook is an option, although I didn't use it this time, because if someone took a great picture and tagged me on Facebook I can use that if I want to. 
Second Step is to Upload it and then choose the size
Look at all those different sizes offered. I chose the 14"X11" because that is the size that CanvasHQ has offered me complimentary to review. But if you want small or large, rectangle or square they offer it!
You can choose different finishes, border colors, and even  change the picture effects.
 Last step: name the canvas, Add to cart and enter the shipping information.
Then wait a week or two and it will be here! When it comes I'll update and show y'all what it looks like and where I am going to hang it....after I figure that part out. 

Now a bit about CanvasHQ

The number one thing is that they guarantee their work! If you don't love it you can return it. What other company offers  that guarantee? I really am hoping I will love it though because I don't like to return things. 
But even if the website isn't simple enough, they offer an extensive FAQ section and a live chat, not to mention that their phone number is on the site! I love knowing if I have a question I Can pick up the phone and talk to someone.

Follow them on Facebook and twitter or sign up for their mailing list for good deals! 

Disclosure: I ordered and will receive this canvas complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion thanks to #CanvasHQ and Tomoson.