Friday, June 20, 2014

Reading Ruler Review

My 7 year old loves to read. At any given time she has a book or her Kindle in her hand and is reading something. She loves everything from Level readers to Chapter books and will devour anything she gets her hands on, just like her mama. But the difference is after a about ten minutes she brings me the book and gets another one. I know she couldn't have read it in that amount of time. So when I have her reread it with me, she gets about 1/2 the words wrong, inserts words where they aren't and just flat out skips words.
Being in 2nd grade at public school she has the opportunity to be tutored and has been the past year twice a week, and still struggles and even failed the reading district test every time she had it for reading this year.
So I am open to trying anything so when I got ahold of The Reading Rulers from Crosbow I knew I needed to try them. But when I applied, I was denied. So started looking for something similar, but then received an email from them they would send me some to try and help her.
We have spent weeks using the different ones, it comes with 10 different transparent color sheets to find out what works best for each person.  

Apparently only one is perfect for everyone and a different color could be best for me while one is best for my daughter.  Or if there isn't a visual stress issue, then reading without one works best. And as sad as I am to say it, that seems the case with my little reader. We have tried every color numerous times, inside the house at the table, in her room and even outside having a picnic and while she loves the colors and reading with them. She doesn't think it helps her to read the words. She did tell me that the darker shades are harder to see the words through and the light ones are easier. But she thinks that she sees it best on the plain white sheet.

Even the 5 year old gave it a try, upside down since he can't read

I was really hoping that this would be the easy fix we were looking for to help with her reading. And while for many people, including my husband while he was in school, it is, it's not for her. Which sadly means we will be trying something else now. Any tips are welcome.

When the Reading Rulers arrive they came with detailed instructions to help us learn how to use them, as well as a list of the way the colored rulers should be used for best results.

Now that you have heard what I have to say about them, check out what they have to say :

Reading Rulers are a reading aid designed to relieve Visual Stress. They have been awarded the UK Special Needs Product of the year 2014 and are now available in the USA.

These aids are used in over 60% of schools and colleges in the UK, however the extensive research into Visual Stress carried out in British Universities has not yet filtered across to the States.

Visual Stress describes the discomfort experienced by some when viewing text. It affects 20% of the population, and 5% to the point of making reading very difficult. It can cause headaches, poor tracking, the apparent movement of words and letters, and slow or halting reading to name just a few symptoms. Unfortunately it is often misdiagnosed as a symptom of Dyslexia, when it is actually an entirely separate condition, caused by an imbalance of the visual cortex.

The simple act of reading through a colored overlay can solve these issues - however it is very important that the correct color is used.

Crossbow Education have developed the reading rulers through a research based model, ensuring that the optimum palette of colors are available. They have designed them so that they not only are small and discreet (they look just like a bookmark), but also to work as a tracking device.

If you know any struggling readers, these are a must. The reading rulers come in packs of 10 colors, to ensure that the correct color for each individual can be identified.

See for yourself why 60% of all schools and colleges in the UK use these award winning products!


And check them out on their website, Facebook page, and Twitter for more information or to ask any questions you may have. #readbetter
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.