Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Coca Cola Life Review

I have to say I wasn't expecting to like the CocaCola Life and am surprised to say I did! I'm a hard core regular red can Coke lover. Don't give me 'that other brand that shall not be named' or a diet drink. I stay as far away from fake those fake sugars as possible and when I learned the new CocaCola Life was made with Stevia and real cane sugar I had to try it so even before I received the invite to review it, the green Coca Cola was on my shopping list. While I liked it, I am not a changed Coke drinker, it was smooth going down and had the same great taste but I love the burn of the Regular Coke. 

That being said it's so much more fun drinking out of the glass bottle so these will be a staple in the house for those that don't drink regular soda and prefer the other version.

I received #Cocacolalife free from Bzzagent for an honest review.

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